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GMMB wanted to send out a different type of holiday card for the 2017 holiday season. Someone had the brilliant idea of creating a buzzfeed-like quiz to help clients determine what type of joy best fits them. Give two designers and a developer some time and we can building anything.


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GMMB wanted to create a fun holiday card to email out to its clients so we made a buzzfeed-inspired quiz that determined what kind of joy. Upon completing the quiz, you were served a random gif to express your joy and share on social media.
The singular coolest thing about this site was the animated SVGs. The designer I was working with created vector graphics that represented a different part of the country for each question. To add a little oomph to the quiz, I animated each SVG with inline CSS.
Upon sending this game to clients, GMMB was showered by tweets about how creative and fun this game was. Of course it helped that the resulting animated gifs were full of puppies. Play with it below and found out what joy you are.
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